8 ways to improve pronunciation

8 easy ways to improve your pronunciation!

Here are 8 things you can do to really improve your English pronunciation.

1 Set a goal!
When it comes to pronunciation, the most important thing is that people can understand you. You’re never going to sound like a native speaker. But that isn’t a problem. English is a universal language with hundreds of different accents (both native and non-native ones). So, aim to make your accent as clear and understandable as possible.

2 Listen!
Listening is the key to improving your pronunciation. Basically, the more you listen to English, the more you’ll understand; and the more you understand, the easier it’ll be (more…)


3 tools to improve writing

Today I am sharing with you two interesting web tools and one iPad app that have been shared with me sometime now but never had the time to review them till last weekend. These are basically tools that you can use with your students in class to help them hone in their writing skill and improve their style:

1- Hemingway


22 Ways To Use Twitter For Learning

Last year we created a “twitter spectrum,” an image that clarified different ways that twitter could be used in the classroom in (hopefully) authentic ways.

TeachBytes has followed that up with an excellent graphic of their own that uses a pure Bloom’s Taxonomyapproach.

The specific ideas range from “remix trending tweets with video and music” to creating concept maps showing the relationship between tweets.

We must admit to going back and forth over the exact fit of a social media platform like twitter in a formal (or informal) learning environment. Clearly it’s a great way to skim and monitor information streams, but just like we wouldn’t use sing Shakespearean sonnets to toddlers at birthday parties, using twitter as an in-depth critical thinking tool requires a bit of squinting, even as an Avante-garde 21st century learning tool.

Unless you’re using it as a (more…)

8 Great Classroom Ideas To Level Up Learning

 To help your classroom be engaging and fun, you have to be a lead learner. Here’s an assortment of classroom ideas that will get you trying something new. Set a goal to try something new THIS WEEK. Try something new if only to keep you from becoming a stressed, boring minion (see cartoon.) Leveling Up Learning always starts with the lead learner — YOU!  (And for your laugh of the day — enjoy the cartoon: If Teachers Were Minions…)

Classroom Idea #1. Publish a Book: Classroom Authors or DIY

  • Classroom Authors“Students from all over the world can collaborate in their classrooms and at home to create and publish books using Classroom Authors web based publishing application.”Very cool website — this from the publisher “Our software was developed working with Colombia University Teacher’s College and over 40 classrooms with the purpose of engaging students in the writing process through collaborative book publishing.”This looks to be a very cool website and another way to have students publish books and have an authentic audience. tags: education news writing bestpractices
  • 5 Free Easy Ways to Publish eBooks – AJ Juliani shares how you can do it yourself publish ebooks with your students. (more…)