6 Ideas for Connected Classrooms


Bev Berns @B_Berns (Iowa), Kim Powell (Michigan) @powell4thgrade live and work in different states supporting their teachers. That has not stopped them from connecting and creating projects for teachers everywhere (including theirs). In fact, I believe that they are redefining what regional support staff should be doing: Making connection (more…)

8 ways to improve pronunciation

8 easy ways to improve your pronunciation!

Here are 8 things you can do to really improve your English pronunciation.

1 Set a goal!
When it comes to pronunciation, the most important thing is that people can understand you. You’re never going to sound like a native speaker. But that isn’t a problem. English is a universal language with hundreds of different accents (both native and non-native ones). So, aim to make your accent as clear and understandable as possible.

2 Listen!
Listening is the key to improving your pronunciation. Basically, the more you listen to English, the more you’ll understand; and the more you understand, the easier it’ll be (more…)